Our People


Great people at the heart of great business.

And our customers tell us that Norbord people are some of the most experienced they’ve met - but this isn’t just by chance. It’s because we recruit the best, continually invest in their skills and create an environment within which employees strive to develop their careers.

“Trust and mutual respect for our people are cornerstones of the Norbord Europe culture. It is central to Norbord achieving long-term sustained success. It underpins our reputation and our profitability: it is to be valued and nurtured.”

Karl Morris, MD Norbord Europe

We endeavour to:

· Eliminate discrimination and promote equality of opportunity for all employees.

· Ensure all employees reach their full potential by providing structured training at all levels.

· Provide a rewarding and engaging work environment.

· Encourage every employee to have a voice in our business so that they may contribute their opinions openly in a valued manner.

· Provide training, mentoring and guidance to ensure each employee can take full responsibility for personal health and safety at work.

· Provide a way for employees to raise concerns within a safe and respectful environment.