Better By Nature


Our corporate values and beliefs revolve around trust, excellence and a commitment to our customers and this distills down into our claim of Norbord – Make it Better. Better by Nature explains, from a variety of aspects, how we live up to that claim.

It comes down to our whole attitude to what we do – it’s in our nature to want to do things better, whether it’s how we look after our people, the quality of the products we make, our commitment to customer service or our passion for the environment, and in particular, the protection of our native forests.

When something is in one’s nature, it means going beyond just getting the job done, it’s about passion and belief.  Below are some aspects of Norbord EU in which we hope that we demonstrate we are Better by Nature.

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Values and beliefs

Health and safety

Environmental considerations

Distribution chain

Energy generation

Product packaging

Small changes for big results

Norbord leads the way in shaping a greener future

Involvement in local communities

Norbord staff



Better By Nature


38 Degrees

RSPB - Dirtier Than Coal Report

Make Wood Work