CaberWood MDF Pro is tops for the shops

Perfect for all sorts of shopfitting installations, CaberWood MDF Pro from Norbord is a premium grade MDF with a uniform density across the board. It is ideal for creating cost-effective, bespoke, versatile units and walls for any space, and is super-strong. 

Given that the high-street and out-of-town retailers need to offer shoppers a real-life, “touch and feel” experience – one that they cannot enjoy by browsing and selecting online – the design and look of the store is more important than ever. And flexible CaberWood MDF Pro can be used throughout.

It is ideal for most high quality paint and surface finishes including the application of paper foils and veneers to suit individual tastes.  Suitable for straightforward machine and surface finishing, and available in six standard sizes, it offers all the benefits of timber without the natural defects. CaberWood MDF is made in Scotland and is easy to saw, drill, shape and rout without splintering or chipping. In addition, CaberWood’s high quality fibres and internal bond strength mean that the product boasts superior screw and fastening holding compared to other types of panel product. 

As with all Norbord products, CaberWood MDF is made from timber grown in sustainably-managed European forests and certified to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards. It also conforms to European E1 emission standard, complies with BS EN 622: Parts 1 and 5, and carries the CE mark.