Infuse some pizazz into your business with SterlingOSB

Norbord’s SterlingOSB is renowned for its durability and adaptability, making it ideal for creating a unique and bespoke space for any business. The zany Junkyard Golf Club venues have demonstrated just how easy it is to utilise SterlingOSB when creating a fun and imaginative space.

Situated in London’s Brick Lane, Junkyard Golf Club is unlike any other golf club you’ve seen.  Instead of the streamlined and tranquil courses usually seen at traditional clubs, Junkyard Golf courses include jacuzzis, speedboats, treadmills and even the odd cow or two, and throughout it is SterlingOSB.

Bart Murphy, who is the build and operational director for Junkyard Golf said: “We appreciate the versatility of SterlingOSB and its ability to create the aesthetic that we require as a pop-up style venue.  It has the ability to be structurally sound and represents real value for money.”