Norbord's CaberBoard Dogs – what’s it all about?

Whether or not you’re a dog owner, there’s no getting away from the sentiment of a dog being ‘man’s best friend’. There are stories throughout history showcasing the bond and loyalty between man and the most loyal of companions - reported to have a heritage stretching back more than 30,000 years!

When looking to develop our creative promotional campaign for our chipboard flooring range, we did some digging (pun intended) into the CaberBoard brand heritage and values.

Qualities such as loyal, reliable, protective and trusted emerged when we explored this further with those that use our products. Indeed, these very qualities were expanded upon with feedback including:  ‘it won’t let you down’, ‘we know it will do the job’ and ‘dependable product I always turn to’. From this, the comparison with the qualities of ‘man’s best friend’ became very apparent, and as such our promotional campaign giving each flooring product its own dog mascot was born.

We hope you love our CaberBoard dogs as much as we do. The ‘dog’ values and our CaberBoard values are one and the same.

CaberFloor P5 and the Labrador: the UK’s most popular P5 chipboard and dog breed go hand in hand – stable and reliable.

CaberDek and the German shepherd: just like our CaberDek flooring with a removable protective film, German shepherds are often used as protective guard dogs.

CaberShieldPlus and the Newfoundland: Newfoundlands have a thick double coat allowing for excellent waterproof protection – just like our CaberShieldPlus flooring panels with a permanent coating ,waterproof for up to 42 days.

CaberFix and the Jack Russell: Our ranges of adhesives are perfect for use with our flooring, and essential to enable BBA certification. Just like a Jack Russell, these fixings won’t tire or wear easily! 


Get involved – let your dog become a CaberBoard Dog!

Think your dog would be a good flooring mascot? We’d love to hear about it. Share your stories and images via our Facebook page or tweet it to @CaberBoard