Relax and let SterlingOSB do all the work

Strong, practical, cost-effective and environmentally-conscious, Norbord’s SterlingOSB is perfect for walling stylish spaces; it’s simply beautiful and does everything you need a strong wall to do. It is a good-looking timber product which is made from layering strands of wood in specific orientations and then bonding the layers with a resin. The board’s strength and durability makes it ideal for use as sports or restaurant walls.


Urban Zen Yoga Studio & Café in Swansea – - loved the product so much that it covers the studio and café to create a stunning, urban feel.  Emily Cole, the ambitious owner, explains, “We chose SterlingOSB because I particularly liked the pattern and finish of the boards. It gave the industrial look I was after but also had continuity in the design. The colour gave the right amount of light in the room and it's a product my carpenter was happy to work with.”


Norbord is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of engineered wood-based panel products. All products are FSC®-certified and used extensively in the construction, DIY and furniture sectors. Norbord’s brands, SterlingOSB, CaberBoard, CaberWood MDF and ContiBoard are well known and are commonly specified by architects, national housebuilders and specifiers.