SterlingOSB makes debut at Mhor Festival 2016

At this year’s annual Mhor food and drink festival, Norbord’s SterlingOSB was used by young architects to create a stunning landscape installation to reflect this year’s Architecture, Design and Innovation theme. 

May’s Mhor festival was hosted and funded by Monachyle Mhor Hotel in Strathclyde, Scotland. To go alongside the festival, former Strathclyde University lecturer and local architect, Darran Crawford, was asked to run a design workshop in order to come up with ideas for landscape installations and pavilions to span the hotel’s 2,000 acre estate. 

Darran explains: “I am a big advocate of giving graduate architects both practical construction skills and an opportunity to see their creations built very early on in their career. Therefore, I gathered together a diverse group of recent architecture graduates and supplied them with a wide ranging design brief with a very specific set of materials – either 400m of C16 Timber or 150 sheets of SterlingOSB.”

Pictured is Uaimh (Cave in Gaelic), an installation created for Mhor using solely SterlingOSB and inspired by the rock formations in the Monachyle Burn.

In order to create Uaimh, the designers rigged up a data projector to project each sheet template onto a sheet of SterlingOSB. They then marked it out and manually cut each board with a jigsaw. Next, the sheets were manually screwed and glued together and the edges carved and smoothed with small grinders and cuttings discs. 

Norbord’s SterlingOSB was the material of choice for this project due to a number of different reasons including cost, availability and appearance. “We needed something that was easy to cut, durable enough to be left outside with minimal treatment and robust enough for people to climb over. We also needed a board that was both economical to use and readily available to give us the reassurance that, if we needed more, it could be sourced within a matter of hours,” says Darran.  

“SterlingOSB was the perfect choice for the Uaimh installation; the dappled, rough texture of the boards gave the installation a level of depth and complexity that a pale, plain board just wouldn’t be able to match!” explains Darran. 

Norbord is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of engineered wood-based panel products. All products are FSC-certified and used extensively in the construction, DIY and furniture sectors. Norbord’s brands, SterlingOSB, CaberBoard, Caberwood MDF and ContiBoard are well known and are commonly specified by architects, national housebuilders and specifiers.