Distribution chain


As part of Norbord's commitment to tackling environmental challenges we have utilized our distrubution chain to be as eco-friendly as possible, with the aims to maximize capacity and minimize mileage.

We use a series of distributors that deliver a number of products on one truck, thus saving on Norbord's lorry mileage. As well as this, products are packed to use the maximum space available on each lorry (double stacking) which avoids the sending out of lorries that are only functioning at half capacity. Both outbound and return journeys practice this optimizing of lorry capacity whilst routing focuses on minimizing of road miles.

Alongside this, we also seek to use alternative transport wherever possible to reduce our environmental impact. Norbord was the first customer of the Great Glen Shipping Company, choosing to shift our road freight by ship at our Inverness mill. Each weekly consignment takes the equivalent of 18 lorries off the road, showing how Norbord's approach to alternative transport can successfully reduce our carbon emissions.