Energy generation

Norbord are the largest generator of heat energy from renewable sources in the UK due to investing in biomass technology at our manufacturing sites.

In line with the hierachy of wood use and our belief in using wood wisely, our biomass operations burn end of life and process wood residue, in other words, wood that would otherwise go to landfill. The heat that is generated serves to heat parts of the production process thus using an otherwise truly waste product in a sustainable manner and one that adheres to the hierarchy of wood use.  For example, our £2.5million investment in biomass at our Cowie site has saved 2400 less skips of otherwise unusable material being sent to landfill. We’ve also made substantial savings in the amount of gas being used in our production process due to our use of responsible woody biomass.

Our belief is that there is no waste wood, only different ways to waste it.  Only burn as a last option.