Norbord leads the way in shaping a greener future


As the claim of Norbord states, making things better is in our nature, and this is why we endeavour to lead the way in creating a greener future for ourselves and wider industry. As one of the largest producers of panel board in Europe we embarce being at the forefront of environmental initiatives that relate to our industry.

Norbord South Molton was the first in Europe to obtain FSC® certification for its products, plus we were an influential partner in assisting the FSC gaining traction it its aims for the UK wood industry.

We recognize the value of wood as a resource due to its limited nature and, therefore, believe in the hierarchy of the use of wood i.e. Grow / Re-use / Recycle and then, and only then, Recover for energy.

Following government plans to burn timber in order to generate fuel, Norbord have lobbied for the most environmentally responsible use of UK grown wood - to use it, not burn it. We have been involved with industry bodies to promote the increased use of timber rather than the subsidizing of energy companies to burn it. Through the conversion of wood into everyday items such as furniture and construction materials, CO2 remains locked up. Burn it and that CO2 is released into the atmosphere.

Through our on-going Better By Nature campaign we are addressing the wood related issues that effect everyone and are dedicated to campaigning for better. By raising the profile of issues such as energy subsidies and the biomass debate, the potential provency concerns of imported plywood and the illegal felling of timber, we are committed to championing wood based concerns.