Involvement in local communities


Whilst being aware of the potential impact our sites can have on local communities and doing everything possible to negate or reduce this impact, Norbord also supports these communities in various ways.

Local theatres, sports teams, war memorials, and school activities are just some of the wide range of projects that Norbord has supported. Below are just a few examples of the involvement Norbord have had in local communities.

  • The Inverness site donated 65 sheets of orientated strand board (OSB) to help build a new workshop in the grounds of Tain Royal academy for children aged 14-16 to learn building construction crafts in order to give them an idea of what working in the construction industry would be like.
  • The Cowie site pitched in to help a local amateur boxing club in Stirling after they had to move premises due to a buyout. Norbord donated new flooring for the club so that the opening could go ahead.
  • Norbord Inverness donated 40 B Grade orientated strand boards (OSB) to The Sadie Duncan Memorial Trust for All Animal Rescue at Peddieston in order to build additional stables to rehome young rescued Shetland ponies.
  • Norbord have sponsored the Provost Awards in Stirling, a ceremony that celebrates people in the region with regards to excellence in business, arts, volunteering and community projects.
  • We have donated wood panel products to the Lakehouse development in London that provides training for the homeless in order to help them get back to work. The panels were used as part of a theatrical set.