Norbord staff


At Norbord we provide an environment for our staff that creates the passion and belief that maintains our claim, Norbord - Make It Better. Throughout the world, as one of the leading manufacturers of wood-based panel products, Norbord employ approximately 2,000 people.

We seek to provide a rewarding and engaging work environment, with equality of opportunity in all areas regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, and sexual orientation. Trust and mutual respect are a key ethos in Norbord culture.

Employees are trained at all levels in order to ensure they reach their full potential within their role and beyond, as well as having the vital skills to take responsibility for health and safety. Product training is also a core part of the Norbord traning programme.

Norbord encourage every employee to be able to find their voice in the business so that they can openly raise concerns and give their opinions in a value manner.