Vision and Values


Trust. Excellence. Customers.

Three words at the core of our Norbord ethos. An ethos adopted by the entirety of our European team.


Trust underpins all relationships at Norbord. Whether with customers, suppliers, fellow employees, shareholders or the community around us, trust is vital.

We trust our employees to contribute as fully as possible in their roles, whilst taking responsibility for their actions. 

Our goal is to set clear objectives, and deliver on all promises and commitments.


Thriving customer relationships are based on win-win outcomes.

We are driven by this strategy, focusing on our key customers and working with them to ensure long-term mutual benefit.

We will continue to improve our customer service, product and business development, supply chain effectiveness and technical support. So our customers continue to receive the best.


Excellence as standard. Always.

Our goal is for Norbord to consistently deliver excellence in all areas of our business.

These areas include:

·         Safety

·         Going beyond customer expectations

·         Supply chain management

·         Cost management

·         Capacity assurance

·         Organisational effectiveness


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 Areas of excellence: