• Stay strong and secure with SterlingOSB Zero StrongFix

    Have you ever wondered which material is strongest for fixing kitchen cabinetry, bathroom basins or radiators to a wall? Or, perhaps you’re looking for something superior to plywood when it comes to the building process? Or maybe you’ve you even tried to hang a mirror on a wall and encountered challenges with a weak plasterboard substrate? Well, at...

    18 NOV 2019

  • Housebuilders – how to get on with the job in Britain’s extreme weather

    Housebuilding can be challenging at the best of times, and with prevailing storms like the Beast from the East expected to make an appearance again this winter, it’s not set to get any easier. That’s why at Norbord Europe, the UK’s no. 1 engineered wood panel producer, we want to introduce you to our CaberShieldPlus: our waterproof chipboard floori...

    11 NOV 2019

  • Management tips for effective on-site communication from Norbord

    A survey in the US showed poor communication that results in expensive call backs costs the construction industry $177bn every year, and in the UK the Get It Right Initiative https://getitright.uk.com claims that “error is costing the construction industry between £10 - £25 billion per annum across the sector”.

    07 NOV 2019

  • SterlingOSB Zero lends urban aesthetics to Blue House Yard

    A temporary project in a disused car park in North London has been developed to provide a range of new accommodation for small businesses which are facing rising rent costs and lack of suitable workspace. The disused car park is referred to locally as Blue House Yard because of the renovated, blue painted council office and a row of nine brightly c...

    06 NOV 2019

  • Brexit fears? Buy home-grown!

    In a time of Brexit woes and uncertainty about importing goods, home-grown has never been so important. From food to furniture, there’s a lot to be said for buying home-grown and that’s why, here at Norbord, the UK’s no1 engineered wood panel producer, we’re proud to offer our customers wood panels that have been made right here in the UK.

    06 NOV 2019

  • The benefits of buying home-grown panels

    We’re in the business of producing wood panel products – OSB, MDF and particleboard – products that are used in a multitude of industrial applications from housebuilding to furniture-making and packaging. For industrial users, these products are basic raw materials. Without them, their manufacturing process, building activities and ability to de...

    05 NOV 2019

  • SterlingOSB Zero stuns visitors in new office space

    Axis Mason, an architecture and interior design firm, decided to renovate the interior of its new office, Somerville House, at Saint Helier in Jersey. The project was intended to become a statement for the firm’s design philosophy and act as a showcase for clients to explore the possibilities that Axis Mason is capable of. SterlingOSB Zero, from No...

    30 OCT 2019


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