• The quietest member of the Norbord family

    What is the best sound-reducing floorboard range on the market? CaberAcoustic from Norbord and is a highly versatile and economical sound-reducing flooring solution. Reducing both impact and airborne transmitted sounds, it can be laid over concrete and timber floors in both new and existing buildings.

    15 JUL 2019

  • The Biomass Debate Heats Up

    Biomass opposition is constantly stepping up as Norbord and other wood-using industries join forces with environmental charities to urge Government to limit support for subsidies.

    19 SEP 2017

  • Taekwondo kids get a kick out of sponsorship

    Young members of the LCD Taekwondo club in Stirling, Scotland got a big kick out of a recent sponsorship by Norbord – it helped them to stage their first-ever team tournament.

    13 MAY 2019

  • StrongFix - improved support from Norbord

    Specifically designed for dry lining applications, SterlingOSB Zero StrongFix is a precision engineered oriented strand board (OSB) with a special groove machined into the edge for metal C-studs at 600mm centres.

    24 SEP 2018

  • StrongFix - improved support from Norbord

    Sometimes, even the simple task of hanging a picture or a mirror on an interior partition wall has been fraught with difficulty due to the common challenge of a weak plasterboard substrate. That is no longer a problem thanks to Norbord’s SterlingOSB Zero StrongFix.

    18 FEB 2019

  • SterlingOSB Zero StrongFix in dry lining applications

    What are the benefits of wood panels behind plasterboard dry lining? Plasterboard in itself is not suitable for bearing weight so, if the wall is intended for holding weight over 15kg - such as TVs, sinks, cabinets, railings or similar - then a structural material such as wood panels should be used behind the plasterboard to hold the weight.

    08 JUL 2019

  • SterlingOSB Zero shines at Jewson

    The Charlton branch of Jewson has created a new concept using SterlingOSB Zero. The builders’ merchant, which supplies building materials, equipment, tools and timber, created new signs and displays using SterlingOSB Zero. Jewson stakeholders wanted a material that was part of the existing product range and would also provide a new aesthetic which...

    10 SEP 2019


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