How to install CaberDek flooring with our CaberFix D4 foaming adhesive to create a waterproof floor that can be exposed for up to 6 weeks, and peeled off at the end. 


How to install our SterlingOSB StrongFix panel - ideal for providing a strong backing for drylining, holding up to 400kg weight such as sinks, railings and cabinets. 


Installation instructions for our CaberShieldPlus flooring panel with our CaberFix D4 foaming adhesive. Flooring with a waterproof coating on both sides.


Installation guide on how to install CaberDek flooring with our CaberFix Pro kit - our  handy kit containing enough glue to install and seal half a pack of CaberDek. 

Installing CaberDek with CaberFix X-Treme tape; adhesive, waterproof tape bonding in damp conditions even down to -21 degrees! 

How you can use Norbord's product in a variety of uses around the house - from flooring to roofing, beds to bathrooms the opportunities are extensive!